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November 21, 2014

Business Insurance

The world is changing, and we understand the issues businesses face every day. There is constant competition for your customers, there are challenges in attracting and retaining top talent, and your cost of goods keeps going up. Part of your planning should include an annual business insurance review; call Polaris Risk Management & Insurance Services today! Your business changes, and so do your exposures. Here are some of the major kinds of liability coverage found in most business insurance programs.

Every business needs to have the proper liability insurance coverage. We want to identify a number of the key business liability coverage your business should consider. General liability insurance provides coverage for certain claims made against an insured by a third party.

Commercial Liability

  • Bodily Injury - Bodily injury to a third party.
  • Property Damage - Damage to a third party’s property (equipment building etc.).
  • Personal Injury - Injury to the mind or emotions, as opposed to an injury to property.
  • Advertising Liability - Damages arising out of advertising, libel, slander and invasion of privacy.
  • Products & Completed Operations - Liability arising out of products you sell or business operations and services conducted, excluding professional services.
  • Premises - Covers liability arising out of injury to third parties while on your premises.
  • Management Liability – This might include cyber, employment, and professional liability coverage. Directors and officers liability also might fall under this category.
  • Umbrella - Provides excess liability over primary auto and commercial liability policies.
  • Pollution - Coverage for accidental release of pollutants.

Business Auto

  • Covers vehicles owned by the company for business use and can include comprehensive and collision 

Risk is a factor for whatever business you are in. We provide business insurance solutions to help you manage your risk, which keeps you in business.

This information is not intended to be a complete review of all available coverage. Polaris Risk Management & Insurance Services is a full-service retail insurance agency that provides our clients with comprehensive coverage solutions, guidance in risk management, and reliable service.


Does Your Business Need Fidelity Bond Coverage?

October 17, 2014
What is a Fidelity Bond?

A fidelity bond, or employee dishonesty, is not insurance but it protects your business against specific losses that may occur from the dishonest acts of employees. The fidelity coverage guarantees that the insurance company will pay the insured business for money or other property lost because of dishonest acts of its employees, either named or by positions.

Why consider a fidelity bond?

We think every business needs a fidelity bond. The costs are very competitive and c...
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Business Insurance 101

October 6, 2014
Business Insurance

According to the latest surveys by major insurers, small to medium sized businesses have a number of critical gaps in their insurance coverage. The reasons for gaps vary: not fully understanding how certain coverage applies to their business, buying insurance from a captive agent who can’t provide the coverage, thinking their commercial coverage provides the coverage, and finally believing they don’t have the risk.

Business Insurance for Your Organization

Here are the c...

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Is Your Business Prepared For a Crisis?

September 5, 2014

Business owners must take some time to think about many of the risks associated with experiencing a major loss. A loss might come from an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, flood, or fire. Doing a little pre-planning will go a long way in helping your business survive the “big event”.

  1. Get your insurance in order. Your business insurance program needs to have coverage for the risk you face. Is your building near a river? Then you may need flood insurance. Did you know tornados occur in eve...

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Do You Want Your Business To Be On The Cutting Edge?

August 27, 2014

Keeping your business moving forward requires a lot of your attention. It is important to invest in tools and resources that will allow your business to thrive. Having the right kind of business insurance is important in making sure your assets are protected. In order to keep up with current thinking, here are a few Insurance trends to watch.

  1. More and more firms are buying cyber liability insurance. Cloud computing is becoming more popular. By utilizing cloud-based computing, your data o...

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Proven Ways to Reduce Your Business Insurance Cost

May 5, 2014
Saving money on your business insurance is not always an easy thing for many companies to do. You have many options regarding insurance agents and insurance companies that at times can be confusing. We specialize in business insurance. We have a proven track record of providing the right combination of pricing and coverage, along with experience and responsive service for your business.

There are a number of ways to reduce your business insurance cost without jeopardizing coverage. Here are a ...
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2014 Business Insurance Planning

April 7, 2014
It is that time of year to set goals, review your business plans and look forward to a prosperous 2014. Part of your planning should include an annual business insurance review. Your business changes, and so do your exposures. After you review some of these items, call our office and we will be happy to discuss these and more with you.

Why Complete a Business Insurance Review?
  • Your exposures may have changed.
  • Laws and regulations may have created new liabilities.
  • Your policy may have had small ch...

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General Liability For Business

March 24, 2014
We understand all businesses are unique. Just because you are a small or medium sized business does not mean you are exempt from litigation. All businesses need General Liability Insurance to protect your organization from unforeseen events. General Liability Insurance should be the foundation of your insurance program.
General Liability Insurance provides the following coverage:
  • Bodily Injury- Bodily Injury to a third party.
  • Property Damage- Damage to a third parties property (equipment buildi...

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Advantages of an Independent Broker Like Us!

January 22, 2014
Polaris Risk Management & Insurance Services is an independent commercial insurance broker. This means we don’t work for any one specific insurance company. We have access to many markets, giving us the ability to shop your account and search the market for the best option for you.

There are a number of benefits to working with and independent broker:
  • We provide a number of coverage options tailored to your risk
  • We represent many carriers and are not obligated to any one company
  • We search the m...

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Why is Employment Liability Insurance Important?

December 27, 2013
Whether you are a large or small business, the employer – employee relationship has changed. In today’s world, employers can no longer assume all employment relationships will go smoothly. Finding a suitable Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) program has become one of the single most important things owners and managers can do. Polaris Risk Management & Insurance Services can design products to protect clients against breach of employment contracts, discrimination, wrongful t...
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We traditionally use the New Year to reflect on the year before and instill a new resolve for the year to come. For 2013, this year marks 50 years since Americans first stood atop our world’s highest peak. At Polaris we offer a culture where our employees are strongly encouraged to think outside of the proverbial “box,” reaching new heights for the benefit of our clients.

As an Independent Commercial Insurance Brokerage, we are dedicated to serving you. We represent several leading insurance carriers rather than any single provider. Therefore, we have the ability to continually monitor the marketplace and offer you the best possible value. We provide the highest level of customer service and dedicate our resources to meet your needs and earn your trust. Our success is based on your continued satisfaction.

Cheers to continued successes.


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