Polaris Risk Management & Insurance Services offers a number of proven methods for reducing insurance premiums without affecting coverage. We recommend a review of your program to determine if these areas can be managed differently to reduce costs. We are ready to help you work through the process. Here are six methods we can recommend for you to consider.

Commercial Insurance

Merge insurance policies - Consolidating auto, property and liability under one policy can provide “package” credits.

Automobile Program - Make sure all your commercial vehicles are “classified” correctly. For example, having a pick-up classified as a commercial delivery truck can increase costs. Consider self insuring physical damage coverage on certain vehicles.

Workers’ Compensation – If you have had large losses, it could be beneficial to have a third party medical bill review completed. 

Increase Deductibles - Consider increasing your property deductible to $5,000, or even $10,000.  Also, think about increasing auto deductibles on older vehicles. If your losses are low, over time you might save enough in premiums to pay for future losses.

Have us complete an audit of your entire program – We can evaluate exposures your company has, and discover what options would be best for your individual needs. We can become a second set of eyes to uncover exposures not currently addressed.

Polaris Risk Management & Insurance Services is a full-service retail insurance agency that provides our clients with comprehensive coverage solutions, guidance in risk management, and reliable service. Our focus is to present the most thorough and reasonable insurance placements corresponding to our insured's needs.

In addition to placing all lines of commercial insurance, please visit our Products & Services page to review the specialty programs we have developed for our clients or feel free to contact us at (925) 677-7400.