Businesses have many different risks and insurance can be an effective risk management tool. However, many contractors don’t often think of Environmental or Pollution Liability Insurance when designing their insurance program.

Polaris Risk Management & Insurance Services would like to offer three reasons to consider Environmental or Pollution Liability Insurance:
  1. There are pollution exclusions in commercial general liability, automobile, and property policies. To fill this gap, Environmental or Pollution Liability is needed for firms that have an exposure.
  2. You don’t have to be in the pollution business to have a claim. Many claims are faced by general or carpentry contractors which arise out of distributing asbestos, lead, or existing mold within the structure while work is being performed. Risks can come in the form of asbestos ceiling or floor tiles, lead paint on windows and doors, or mold growth that existed prior to the work. Making these conditions worse by spreading the contamination, can lead to significant liability on the part of the contractor. It has been our experience that in the event of a serious claim, the injured parties will file a lawsuit against all parties, which can led to legal fees, even if you are not responsible.
  3. Coverage is available. We encourage all our clients, especially those who are contractors, to review exposures as part of your annual planning. We have access to markets that can provide competitive pricing.
If you need environmental insurance, or if you just want to learn more, call Polaris Risk Management & Insurance Services at 925.677.7400 and ask to speak to one of our insurance specialists. We’ve helped countless clients protect their interests with environmental insurance protection. Our team will help you obtain comprehensive, cost-effective insurance coverage.