Cyber Liability

First Party Coverages

  • Electronic Media – Protection where a GL policy’s advertising injury doesn't cover. 
  • First-Party Business Interruption – Coverage if a virus interrupts your business operations and provides lost business income. 
  • Cyberextortion – Covers hacker ransom demands and expenses. 
  • First-Party Data Asset – Covers expense to recover lost data (depending on the risk).

Third Party Coverages

  • Network Security – Covers your liability if hackers use your system.
  • Privacy – Covers your liability if private information is released. 
    • Notification Expenses – I many states you are required to notify all potential victims within 9 days. 
    • Credit Monitoring – Up to 1 year of credit monitoring services for those exposed. 
    • Credit Repair Services – 1 year of services to repair credit damage resulting from actual identity theft. 
    • Crisis Management – Public relations sublimit to protect the image of the insured.
    • Regulatory Defense and Expenses – Provides defense cost coverage and in some cases covers penalties where insurable.

Claim Scenario

Theft of Digital Assets

A regional retailer contracted with a third party service provider. A burglar stole two laptops of the service provider containing the data of over 800,000 clients of the retailer. Under applicable notification laws, the retailer – not the service provider – was required to notify affected individuals. Total expenses incurred for notification and crisis management to customers was nearly $5,000,000.

More Scenarios

Significant Cyber Liability Exposures Include: 

  • Storing social security numbers, drivers license numbers, bank account numbers of clients or employees 
  • Access to client health information
  • In the process of going paperless or storing paper files 
  • Providing online access for members 
  • Selling, donating or recycling computers
  • Investment Advisors 
  • Posting pictures or information about members online 
  • Relying on a computer network on a daily basis
  • Allowing laptops to be removed from the premises 
  • Maintaining a social networking page 
  • Maintaining a blog

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