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Doctors & Dentists Insurance 


Polaris Risk Management & Insurance Services Business Owner’s Insurance is designed to meet the diverse and growing needs of medical & dentistry practices. The business owner’s property and general liability policy is available to you at competitive rates and includes coverage for:

  • Business Property, Computer Equipment and Laptops

  • Valuable Papers & Records, including Patient Records

  • Fine Arts

  • Accounts Receivable Business Income Protection (Extra time to restore your practice to pre-loss level, Extra Expense coverage after a covered property loss and Business Income losses resulting from the interruption of utility service)

  • Medical & Dental Office Extension Endorsement

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is offered to you at competitive rates. This State mandatory coverage includes additional features:

  • Direct Bill

  • Coverage for New Ventures

  • Fast turn around and quality service

Other available coverage’s include:

  • Commercial Liability Umbrella

  • Commercial Auto Coverage

  • ERISA Welfare & Pension

Professional Liability Insurance protects against claims arising from your acts, errors, or omissions in rendering services of a professional nature.  Claims brought against dentists are reaching an all time high.  From difficult practice situations, to problematic claim history, we work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.  In addition to state regulation of the practice of dentistry, the profession is also subject to the requirements of the Health Care Quality Improvement Act (HCQIA).  Like physicians, dentists who undertake the care of a patient are required by law to exercise and amount of skill common to their profession and a degree of care commensurate with their position.  Actions against dentists for malpractice are governed by the rules of law applicable to similar actions against physicians.

If you'd like to receive a premium quotation, you can download one of our applications and fax the completed form to (925) 677-7401 or email to

Applications For Dentists:

Business Owners Application
Workers' Compensation Application
Professional Liability Application (Occurrence)
Professional Liability Application (Claims Made)

For more information or to discuss your quote, please contact one or our Risk Specialists at (925) 677-7400 or via email at

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